What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down: A Step-by-Step Towing Guide

Experiencing a car breakdown can be a stressful and frustrating situation, especially when it happens unexpectedly. Whether you’re on a remote road or in the middle of rush-hour traffic, knowing what steps to take can make all the difference in ensuring your safety and getting the necessary help. Keep this guide on hand for the next time you find yourself in need of a tow:

Stay Calm and Pull Over Safely

The moment you notice something is wrong with your car, try to remain calm. Gradually reduce your speed and use your turn signals to signal your intention to pull over. If you’re on a highway, look for the nearest exit or a wide shoulder to park safely away from traffic.

Once you’ve safely parked your car, turn on your hazard lights immediately. This will alert other drivers that your vehicle is experiencing difficulties and create a safer environment around your car. In most situations, it’s safer to stay inside your car while waiting for assistance. Lock your doors and keep your seatbelt on. If you have reflective triangles or flares in your emergency kit, and you can safely place them around your car to increase visibility.

Call for Assistance

Reach for your phone and call for help. If you have roadside assistance through your insurance or a third-party provider, call them first. Provide them with your location, a description of the problem, and any relevant details about your vehicle. If you don’t have roadside assistance, contact a reputable towing company for help.

If you’re using a smartphone, you can share your live location with the person you’re speaking to on the phone. This will help them pinpoint your exact location, making it easier for them to dispatch assistance quickly.

Communicate Clearly with the Tow Truck Operator

Once the tow truck arrives, explain the issue you’re experiencing with your vehicle. Provide any necessary information about its make, model, and condition. If you have a preference for where your car should be towed, communicate that to the tow truck operator.

If your car needs to be towed to a repair shop or a specific location, try to accompany it in the tow truck, if it’s allowed and safe to do so. This way, you can ensure your car is taken to the right place and oversee the process.

Remember, preparation is key. Keep an emergency kit in your car, including a flashlight, basic tools, water, and non-perishable snacks. Familiarize yourself with the towing services available in your area and program their contact numbers in your phone.

We know the fear and frustration that comes with being stranded on the side of the road. At Dean’s Wrecker Service, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and professional towing service, ready to assist you in any roadside emergency.

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