Do I Need a Tow Truck?

Some situations need a tow. Others might just need someone who knows a lot about cars and trucks and is equipped to handle roadside emergencies. Call a towing service , and you get both at once.

Flat Tire

You’ll need to relocate your vehicle if you’ve blown a tire on a busy road. Don’t gamble with your life trying to wrestle 35 pounds of dirty rubber off an SUV 3 feet away from speeding traffic, call a tow company.

No Gas

Leaving your car unattended by the side of the road while you go pick up gas isn’t always wise. It’s a safer idea to get a tow, especially if you’re on a schedule.

If You Can’t Start

Jumper cables aren’t doing the trick? If you can’t start your engine, the battery’s not always to blame. You could have a problem with anything from your spark plugs to your crank speed sensor. Let a tow truck get you to a mechanic so you can get back on the road.

If You’re in a Crash

After you make sure everyone’s all right and all the paperwork is taken care of, you need to clear your car away. Let an experienced tow company take you to a garage so you can get an estimate on damages to present to your insurance company.

There are many reasons you’re better off with towing. Remember to put safety first. If you have any more questions, contact Dean’s Wrecker Service for more roadside advice.

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