Numbers to Have in a Car Emergency

Even though it’s only been a decade and a half since cell phones became widespread, most of us can’t believe we ever lived without them. They make our lives more convenient, and, as long as we’re not texting while driving, they increase our safety too.

For instance, if your car breaks down on the side of the road, you don’t have to walk down the freeway to the nearest pay phone or wait for a kind stranger to pull over and help you. Instead, you can call for help yourself, right from the driver’s seat.

However, in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget what steps you need to take in an emergency. Read our blog below for a refresher course on which numbers to keep in your phone and who to call first if you break down or get into an accident.

Don’t Forget Your Phone Charger

None of the numbers listed below will do you any good if you can’t turn on your phone. Always make sure your phone is fully charged before you get in the car, especially before you embark on a long trip or if you’re driving at night. Additionally, purchase an extra phone charger specifically for your car, and never take it out—you don’t want to forget to put it back in.


You don’t need to put 911 into your contact list—most phone lock screens have a button you can push the second you need to contact emergency services. However, you do need to remember that calling 911 should be your first step in any car crash, even if the issue was something minor like a fender bender. If you have young kids, make sure they know how to call 911 if you’re immobilized and stranded.

A Trusted Towing Company

When you break down at night, you don’t have time to research local towing companies to find the best one. Usually, your top priority is getting off the road as soon as possible, which means settling for the first company you find—even if their rates are through the roof or you don’t feel safe around their drivers.

To save expense, hassle, and worry, research local towing companies before an accident happens. Then, add their number to your contacts list, so you can call as soon as you get into trouble. The best towing companies will respond immediately and give you an upfront price, and they’ll also be available to assist you 24/7, any day of the year.

Your Insurance Company

Most of us can’t pay for car damage out of pocket, which is why we have car insurance. However, insurance companies can be frustrating to work with. If you don’t call your insurance company the day an accident occurs, you’ll likely have a harder time filing a claim.

Your insurance company’s number should be listed on the back of your insurance card. But it doesn’t hurt to input the number into your phone, just in case the glove box is damaged or the card is misplaced.

Incidentally, your insurance company is another reason to call 911 right after an accident. The police will document the situation and give you an incident report, which you can then give to your insurance company to prove that the accident occurred as you described it.

Call on Dean’s Wrecker Service for Help Anytime

When you program the above numbers into your phone, you’ve taken the first step to creating a safety net to protect yourself in an emergency—especially if one of the numbers is for Dean’s Wrecker Service. If you live in or near Raleigh, NC, we’re here to help!

We dispatch our tow trucks immediately so you don’t have to wait long for assistance, and we employ trustworthy, courteous drivers you won’t worry about meeting in the middle of the night. Learn about our tow services online, and feel free to store our number on your phone—we answer at (919) 872-4476, day or night, rain or shine, and holidays or weekends.

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