The Importance of Expertise in Equipment Relocation

Our local and nationwide economy depends on companies having the machinery and equipment they need to get jobs done as soon as possible. However, industrial machines are not easy to move. That’s why you need a trustworthy tow service with the right equipment and know-how to get your big machines where they need to go.

At Dean’s Wrecker Service, we’ve got what you need.

Types of Machinery and Equipment We Move

We’re not just an auto tow company or a wrecker service. We specialize in heavy duty towing, including large-scale equipment relocation services. That includes some of the largest machinery you can think of, like:

  • 18-wheelers
  • earth-movers
  • medical supplies and equipment
  • forklifts
  • computing equipment

If you need it moved and don’t have the capacity to do it safely yourself, rest assured that the professionals at Dean’s Wrecker Service have you covered.

Crane Services

The job you need done might require a crane, but we’ve got that handled as well. Our professionals have cranes available for daily or long-term use, allowing you to move that heavy equipment as needed. Crane services come with our expertise at lifting and hauling heavy machinery safely and efficiently, and we also offer machine rigging.

Crane services are useful for setting up large-scale tents and events, building or construction projects, and organization solutions. No matter what you need them for, our cranes are available and ready to get the job done correctly, on time, at reasonable rates.

Who Benefits From Machine Moving Services?

Our clients span the gamut of industries and businesses. If you’ve got heavy equipment that needs to be hauled either locally or long-distance, we’ve got the rigging and towing solutions for you.

Clients who might benefit from equipment relocation services include:

  • restaurants and eateries
  • medical care providers
  • construction companies
  • warehouses and industrial plants

It’s crucial to get help from people with the knowledge and expertise to protect your precious machinery, which can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, rather than just a company that happens to have the right hauling equipment. At Dean’s Wrecker Service, our team has been in the business of moving large-scale machinery since 1985.

Contact Dean’s Wrecker Service today to learn more about how we can provide solutions for your large-scale equipment and machinery needs.

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