Equipment Hauling Guide: How to Prepare for Heavy Transport

Moving heavy equipment across town or across the country requires careful attention to detail. When heavy equipment isn’t properly load or secured, accidents are inevitable. That’s why we put our drivers and technicians through thorough training before they ever attempt to load or transport heavy equipment. Here’s what to expect when you partner with Dean’s:

Meeting DOT Requirements

The Department of Transportation sets specific standards and regulations for cargo securement. There are additional regulations for heavy equipment transportation to meet, too. We ensure that all cargo can withstand the acceleration and deceleration rates listed by DOT without shifting forward or backward. All of the components of the truck used to secure the equipment must be inspected to ensure they’re in proper working condition, too.

DOT regulations are mostly based on the size of the equipment in question. By calculating the exact height and weight of a haul first, we know whether or not an oversized load permit is required. The criteria for this permit varies from state to state, and some may require escort vehicles that drive with our hauler.

Loading the Hauler

After the exact size of the equipment is determined, we’ll select the best trailer to transport it. Before loading begins, we inspect the anchor points of the trailer to ensure it’ll sufficiently hold the equipment. Then it’s time to load the equipment in compliance with DOT regulations.

After the equipment is loaded onto the trailer, we start to implement measures to secure it and prevent it from moving around. At this point in the process, the equipment needs to be totally immobilized. We use a minimum of four tie-downs, depending on the size of the equipment. Then we secure it with steel trapping or chains for extra security. Any equipment with wheels is immombilized using cradles, wedges, or chocks. Before the driver hits the road, we do one last inspection to ensure the equipment doesn’t block the driver’s view.

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