Safety Tips for Transporting Oversized Loads

In the shipping business, tractor trailers are among the most common way to transport cargo and freight. When the shipment won’t fit onto a conventional trailer, though, equipment often needs to be transported on a flatbed. Regardless of what you’re hauling, finding the correct type of flatbed is critical. You’ll also need to get permits for transporting the oversized load, find alternate routes to avoid bad traffic, and potentially schedule a police escort – or you can just call Dean’s.

To keep safe on the road while transporting oversized loads, follow these safety tips:

Know the Rules and Regulations

The term oversized load generally refers to any load wider than 8 ½ feet, between 8 ½ and 13 ½ feet tall, longer than 50 feet, and more than 46,000 pounds. It’s important to be aware of these weight limits and restrictions along your route and obtain any necessary permits. These may be required by states, individual counties, or greater metropolitan areas. Include the cost of permits when calculating shipping costs, and be sure to allow for plenty of time for permits to be issued. Fail to do so and you could see your license suspended or face expensive fines.

Properly Secure Your Cargo

Once you’ve determined the right type of trailer for the job, you’ll want to ensure the cargo is properly secured. Ropes and straps need to be strong enough to securely hold the shipment. Use recommended fasteners and be sure to have redundant systems in place. Always double-check that your oversized cargo is secure after each time you stop.

Avoid Traveling in Poor Weather

Inclement weather can make driving more dangerous for every motorist on the road. The challenges are even greater for oversized loads. It’s always better to delay a shipment than take the risk of someone getting hurt along the route. If there’s snow, sleet, rain, fog, or hail in the forecast, it’s best not to take unnecessary risks.

Map Out Your Route in Advance

Along with securing proper permits, drivers must know the clearances for overpasses and bridges along their route. It’s also important to consider local road conditions. Drivers must be familiar with the terrain, know how to avoid rush hour traffic, and where to refuel. Our transportation specialists are experienced in navigating these challenges, which is why so many businesses turn to Dean’s for hauling their oversized loads.

Contact Dean’s for Help Transporting Oversized Loads

Transporting oversized loads always comes with unique challenges. If you’re feeling at all uncertain about the prospect, contact Dean’s Wrecker Service to support your journey. We’re committed to helping you transport heavy cargo as safely and affordably as possible. Our team of transportation specialists have the expertise and experience necessary to get the job done right every time!

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