Five Benefits of Using a Heavy Duty Towing Company

There’s nothing quite as time-consuming or frustrating as standing on the side of the road with your broken down vehicle. Regardless of whether you’re in a rush to be somewhere, a car breakdown can really throw a wrench in your day. Thankfully, tow trucks can provide serious relief. Efficient, timely services can have you on your way in no time. Of course, some towing services are better than others – hiring a heavy duty tow truck allows you to tow virtually every type of vehicle while guaranteeing a safe transfer. There are a number of benefits associated with these kinds of tow trucks. Let’s take a closer look.

Tow Heavy Vehicles On Demand

Not every car can fit on a standard tow truck. One of the biggest benefits of using a heavy duty towing company is that they’re ideal for towing heavy vehicles. If you have a semi-truck, an SUV, or a 4×4, a heavy duty tow truck will be necessary to transfer your car without damage. Call upon a heavy duty service the next time you find yourself broken down – you’ll get reliable results every time.

Quick Service When You Need It 

Towing heavy vehicles is a tall order for most tow companies. That’s why it’s best to skip the endless calls around town to see who is able to move your vehicle. Not every company will offer special tow beds from heavy trucks. Instead, cut straight to scheduling a tow from a heavy duty company. Since heavy duty towing isn’t something you need very often, such services are ready whenever you might need them.

A Safer Alternative

Heavy duty tow trucks are designed with heavy vehicles in mind. Many people opt to tow their vehicles using a basic tow and drag method, which puts pressure on the towing chains and causes damage to the vehicle. Heavy duty towing, on the other hand, have flatbeds designed to tow large vehicles. Chains and hooks hold the car in place so it won’t move during transport. This makes heavy duty a much safer alternative to traditional light duty towing company.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Towing a heavy vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive. While light duty towing companies often charge a premium to have your oversized vehicle towed to your desired location, heavy duty towing companies operate with these kinds of cars and trucks specifically in mind. This makes their equipment a safer and inexpensive option.

Operating in All Weather Conditions

Heavy during towing services operate in all kinds of weather conditions. These oversized tow trucks are stable enough to stand firmly on icy and slick roads while still towing vehicles behind them. This makes heavy duty towing a reliable option, no matter the forecast.

Schedule Your Heavy Duty Tow

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