Types of Heavy Hauling Issues and How to Handle Them

Heavy hauling can be quite complex. From the moment an item is loaded to the time it arrives at its final destination, the transportation process can be incredibly challenging. Hauling services frequently face issues that make the process even more difficult. Here’s a look into the common problems we face – and how we resolve them.


Transporting heavy loads requires proper permits. That’s especially true when driving through different states. Permits help inform local authorities that an oversized load will be making its way through the area. Fail to secure the proper permits and you face expensive fines and penalties. We always take the time to get permits well in advance of the transportation date to ensure the smoothest trip possible.

Fast Driving

When drivers are up against a deadline, the urge to drive quickly is very real. This pressure is even more intense when long distances are involved. Speeding in a heavy vehicle with a heavy load is far different than speeding in the average passenger car. It can be incredibly reckless and increase the odds of an accident. That’s why we always give our team plenty of time to arrive to their final destination. Avoiding reckless driving means avoiding accidents and injuries.

State Laws

Each state has their own unique laws regarding heavy hauling. Because they differ so drastically from one state to the next, it’s important that drivers are informed before they hit the road. Many truckers assume that the law is the same everywhere and get caught up in issues that could have been easily avoided. We educate our drivers and reinforce hauling laws so there are no issues.


Traversing a new route can be perilous for heavy hauling. That’s why it’s important for drivers to map out and drive a route before they take heavy hauls down it. Not every route is suited for heavy hauling, and checking a map isn’t good enough. It can be tough to know if under and overpasses might cause issues without seeing it for yourself first. That’s why we take care to thoughtfully plan out our routes to avoid problems.


Clear communication can resolve even the most challenging of heavy hauling issues. We know exactly where our drivers are and what they’re doing at all times. Should a problem arise en route, we’re here to provide solutions. By sidestepping communication issues, we find the simplest and least stressful way to haul heavy loads and equipment. Keep Dean’s Wrecker Service in mind for your next move!

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