Avoid a Tow with These Tips

Nobody looks forward to calling for an emergency tow. Sometimes, though, it’s unavoidable. Car issues often occur at the most inconvenient moments and places. Every driver knows of this possibility but nobody wants to think about it happening to them personally. If you’re not equipped to fix the situation, an emergency towing company is often the quickest way out of the predicament. There are, of course, several things you can do to reduce the odds of having to call for an emergency tow.

Top Up Fluids Regularly

On average, most vehicles will need their oil changed at least every 3,000 miles. By maintaining your car’s fluid levels, you can ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Neglect your fluids and you may see your vehicle overheat or stall out. Check your fluid levels at least monthly – or more if you drive in especially dusty or hot conditions. Topping up your fluids helps keep your car in the best condition possible and reduces the odds of a breakdown.

Be Mindful of Your Tires

Tires also need regular maintenance. Before hitting the road for a long drive, check the tread depth and air pressure. When tires get too low on air, they tend to blow out while you’re in motion. When the tread gets too shallow, you risk losing control of your car. By keeping your tires in good shape, you’ll avoid a breakdown and the need to call upon an emergency towing company. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare tire in the trunk just in case you get a flat.

Keep an Eye on Your Gas Tank

People always feel silly when they run out of gas and need a tow. On long drives, though, it’s easy to lose track of just how much is left in the tank. Our advice? Never ignore the warning ding that you’re running low on fuel. While you might still have 50 miles or so in the tank, you never know how far the next gas station may be.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Even the most well-maintained vehicles can experience issues from time to time. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep some essential supplies in the trunk. Knowing you have water, snacks, and a first aid kit in the car can help ease your anxiety and keep you safe while you wait for emergency roadside assistance.

Need a Tow?

Of course, sometimes a tow is inevitable. The next time you find yourself stranded, don’t hesitate to call for help. We work around the clock to come to your rescue whenever you might need us. Give us a call at 919-872-4476 to get the wheels of your tow in motion!

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